Hotel Wetiga

5 Stars
5 star


The spelling WETIGA was approximated by the original pronunciation of the word – pronounced “uetirrá”, which means “stone” in the Kadiwéu indigenous language. Come and visit Bonito, one of the most beautiful destinations in Brazil and experience the comfort and quality of services of the Wetiga Hotel, its natural habitat in Bonito.


The Wetiga Hotel offers several leisure options: Bar Cave, Dry Sauna, Steam Room, Heated Soaking Pool, Swimming Pool, Relaxation Space, Internet Room, TV / DVD Room, Jacuzzi attached to the outdoor pool and Game Room.

The unique architectural design of the Wetiga Hotel was inspired by the exuberant Nature of Bonito and planned to dialogue with the five senses of its guests. The playful details and environmental raw materials refer us to the asymmetrical and natural curves of the tracks, the branches, the waters of the rivers, the leaves and flowers.


  • The architecture of the Hotel Wetiga provides the rational use of sunlight, just as the Aroeiras in the lobby have the objective of environmental awareness, since they have been restored, many already burned, and inserted in the structure of the Hotel.
  • The Wetiga Hotel in partnership with the IASB (Instituto das Águas da Serra da Bodoquena) participates in the Plante Bonito project –;
  • Contribution to the generation of jobs and social inclusion among the local population;
  • Valorization of regional crafts;
  • Key system that allows energy control in apartments;
  • Use of LED lamps (energy saving);
  • Guests have the option of choosing whether or not they want towels changed daily (saving water and chemicals).