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The Pantanal is considered to be the world’s biggest wetland area, covering an area of approximately 230,000 sq km (143,000 sq miles), situated in the upper Paraguay River Basin. In this immense, pristine and biologically rich environment, there exists an extraordinary concentration of diverse flora and fauna, and a landscape spanning a variety of ecological sub-regions.

This area is an unparalleled wildlife sanctuary of spectacular beauty, an ecological paradise containing hundreds of species of birds, thousands of varieties of butterflies, myriads of brightly colored flowers, and shoals of fish.

The Pantanal is noteworthy for its extraordinary biodiversity and abundance of wildlife and is known as ‘the world’s biggest ecological sanctuary.’ Animals like Capuchin and Howler monkeys, capivbaras, toucans, anacondas, caymans and tapirs, the endangered jaguar, the increasingly rare Hyacinthine macaws, and giant river otters, all make their home here. The Pantanal is a truly unique and exquisite natural paradise and deserves to be seen.