Distance between Bonito and some Brazilian cities Belo Horizonte – 1.110 miles Brasília – 909 miles Campo Grande – 180 miles Corumbá – 208 miles Cuiabá – 605 miles Curitiba – 650 miles Florianópolis – 903 miles Fortaleza – 2.284 miles Foz do Iguaçu – 596 miles Porto Alegre – 1.089 miles Rio de Janeiro – 993 miles Salvador – 1.800 miles São Paulo – 727 miles Bonito Airport BYO (few or no comercial flights) Campo Grande Airport CGR (has commercial flights from other Brazilian cities’ major airports) What to bring and wear Insect repellent Sun screen Rain gear Comfortable clothing (quick dry, long sleeve, pant/shorts, socks, sandals) Camera with lots of cards Charger Backpack Bathing suit Long sleeve shirt for nocturnal sightseeing and hiking in the woods Hat and sunglasses  Binoculars Ziploc or dry-sacs to protect your camera equipment Personal hygiene items Vaccinations Yellow Fever Vaccination against yellow fever is compulsory for all travellers visiting Mato Grosso, the region where the Pantanal is. Please note that yellow fever vaccinations take approx 10 days to become effective. That being said, Yellow Fever is very rare and the best precaution against it is a good long sleeve shirt. Malaria Malaria is not a high risk in this region, with reports of the illness only occurring very occasionally during the wet season. How to make telephone calls Calls to Brazil (country code) +55 + (phone operator :21 or 41 or 31) + (area code – ddd) + (number) Calls within Brazil (phone operator :21 or 41 or 31) + (area code – ddd) + (number)
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